Saturday, March 30, 2013

Field Trip #1

Yes, great view, everyday.

 Seven Arches Hotel

Our great professors -- Doctor Judd and Doctor Jackson.

Lindee and me 

Quick pic of the guy banking off of tourists who pay to take pics with his donkey

Augusta Victoria Tower

Selfy in the Sun- Jessica, Janessa, Hannah, and Sarah

The tower

Looks just like the ark in my model of the tabernacle


Great painting of Palm Sunday


Bethlehem Overlook

Kind of hazy, but here's the view
Me and Ragan
Classic Spencer, Malia, Meg...Eden, John, and Jen
                                            A cave that could have served for the shelter of Joseph and Mary                                   - Hunter, Eden, Skylar, Sarah, me, and Spencer

Sarah, Susana, Jen, Chaille, Eden, Tori, Kara, Hannah, and me



Great view of the city. There was also a map of the water system here

Anne and me

Nabi Samwil 

This site commemorates the Old Testament prophet Samuel
This is a mosque that was built over top of a synagogue
We looked over the valley where Joshua told the sun to stay still
            - me                                                    - Spencer and Chaille

Just married, Hebrew style - Lindee and me

Hebrew University

We stopped here for a quick view from the Observation Plaza
Doctor Jackson talked to us about these tombs and the ancient burial practices

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