Friday, March 22, 2013

1st Sabbath in the Holy Land

The JC, aka Mormon University

Here in the Holy Land we observe the Sabbath on Saturday. Truth be told, I think I like it better than on Sunday. 

Anyway, for our first Sabbath, after church, we went on a trip to the Garden Tomb. 

Very close to the tomb, just outside the site, there is a hill that could very well be Golgotha.

Can you see the skull in the side of the hill?

The director of the Garden Tomb came and talked to us

Although there are many similar characteristics, we cannot be sure that this is the exact place where Christ was buried.  But even if this is not the place, it gives us an excellent model of what it would have looked like.

The tomb
The good news of the gospel. And Easter is coming up!

We look good. - Tyson, me, Jennie, Ashley, Ann, and Janessa


Jennie Smithson said...

You spelled my name wrong. I'm a little bit offended.

Tye Christensen said...

I'm sorry Jennie! It's fixed now!